Congratulations finalists

On the 10th August 2019 at The memorial Hall, Bodhyfryd, Wrexham - 30 ladies arrived to spend the day with the Crown & Glory UK team.

On the run up to the 2019 finals, all the finalists represented their, towns, countries and counties to raise awareness for Abbie's army, raise funds and to promote their efforts.

The girls all arrived by 10am on the Saturday morning, where they all found their spots in the changing rooms before starting registration.

This part is to confirm they are all there to compete for the uk titles and hand in any funds raised.

We are very proud of every single contestant for their efforts. Awareness is as important as funds and we are proud that the UK 2019 contestants, including UK queens during their reign raised a fantastic amount for Abbie's army, which is:


Congratulations to the UK Charity winners for 2019.

Sophia £2,463.50

Octavia £150

Shannon £540

Parminder £30

Jessica £1,403.20

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