"I just don't get them" by Hannah Travers - Ms Yemi Berkshire

If you're a pageant girl you may have come across some of these questions or if you're not, you may have even said them yourself.

A lot of people don't understand or know anything about pageants so Young European international Ms Berkshire has filmed to entertain and give more insight into pageants.

My name is Hannah Travers and I am currently competing for the title of Young European Ms International (YEMI for short), where I am representing my home county of Berkshire.

I am proud of competing in pageants and being a pageant woman. However on a day to day basis I face the stigma attached to the pageant stereo types. I see peoples eyes roll or worse glaze over when I start talking about them and often hear the comment “I just don’t get them”.

Starting my journey to YEMI, I decided enough was enough and that I was going to change people minds. I have challenged EVERY negative comment received, rather than accepting people opinions and this is so empowering. People do not understand how much dedication and time goes into competing. They do not understand that pageant girls travel up and down the country every weekend to cheer each other on and when we aren’t doing that we are raising money and awareness for causes that matter to us.

Pageants are not skin deep, the girls and women who compete are smart and ambitious women from many different backgrounds and careers. I want to encourage more people to either take part, because there is a pageant for everyone. Or if they don’t have the confidence to go along and support their friends and family. Becoming part of the pageant community is an amazing experience that you will never want to leave once you start.

Check out my video below, to see what I’m saying in response to the 5 main comments that I receive. It may just help you out.



Ms Berkshire - Young European International

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