Did someone say self defence?

Crown & Glory Grand finals will be held on Saturday 15th August 2020 in North Wales at our yearly venue Memorial Hall, Bodhyfryd, LL12 7AG however this 2020 finals will have an additional day for the contestants.

Friday 14th August 2020 at our venue, we will be having an evening of rehearsals, nutritional talk with Hannah Travers YEMI MS (we shall update on this too) and the one and only Gemma Prichard.

You may know Gemma from Habit Fitness Caernarfon, Habit at home OR pageant girls will definitely know Gemma as Erin & Efa's mummy (who should also be on the stage).

Gemma is a 4th degree black belt in Karate and kickboxing. On the evening Gemma will be teaching the girls some quick and effective self defence moves that might one day come in handy, which Gemma is looking forwards to.

With over 20 years experience in teaching martial arts and is the number 1 in her area for fitness and wellbeing; Gemma has the experience to give you an education but fun class.

Gemma and her daughters pageant campaign is #fearlessfemale where they believe every girl should feel confident and safe.

We love Gemma and we know the contestants will love her too.

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