Queens Chat

Wanting To enter a pageant and to know more than just what’s on the website?

Some times the thought of contacting the directors can be scary and the queens may come across too intimidating to contact... even though 99% of the time they’re just like you and I!

Every Wednesday for 5 more weeks,

at 7pm london time,

on the Crown & Glory European Pageants Facebook Page; Crown & Glory Directors Hannah Tordoff & Hannah Travers will be having a chat with one Queen a week, to give you the opportunity to ask questions and they don’t even have to be pageant related.

Our first two live recordings are available to watch as much as you like on the Facebook page now But don’t forget to tune In live at 7pm Wednesdays to really get in questions you’ve been wanting to ask!

See you there!

love Hannah & Hannah

Believe in Youeself! Be You!

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